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Where others focus on the ones and zeros, here at Instantor – we prefer adding a more human touch. We’ve realised that behind every great business is a team of happy people; so we’ve made it our responsibility as an innovative company, with cutting-edge technology, to be sure to make that happen. 

Instantor’s diverse culture is apparent in every aspect of the working environment, from social media to business development and from data science to customer support. Diversity is the magic glue that binds our company together - and the reason our dynamic is in a whole different ball game.


Instantorian Spirit 


In the world of Instantor, everyone on the team is treated equally. We listen to our fellow team members and value different opinions, coming from different perspectives. We believe strongly that diversity of opinions is what drives innovation and alternative thinking. Our culture is based on a strong sense of passion, honesty and integrity – and always with a touch of humour.

The goals of the business are closely aligned across teams to ensure that one individual’s victory is a victory for the whole company. Because in the end, what’s the fun in celebrating victories alone? At Instantor we encourage everyone to grow and take advantage of learning opportunities. We like to challenge the norm and our goal is to democratise the financing system.



Our Team!



“Working at Instantor has given me the possibility to dream beyond limits & frontiers: there is always room to develop my ideas across geographies, from Brazil to Denmark, from Market Research to Social Media.” 

- Mariana, Marketing & Communications Manager




“Woof! I’m not sure why everyone in the office is so happy and smile when they see me, but really I don’t care. Just throw me the ball!” 

- Oggy, Office Dog


 “It makes me very proud to have the opportunity to work in an international company like Instantor, whose solutions represent the future of fintech industry. It is a very exciting and motivating experience to follow our shared vision, make something new, communicate and cooperate with people from every part of the world. Being a part of Instantor’s story is what motivates me and what will I remember with a smile, when I am older.” 

- Tomislav, Client Integrations and Support



”To get the feedback that a Customer was able to boost and optimize their underwriting process with the help of our solutions is what drives the high motivation and dedication that we share at Instantor. Working at Instantor means that I get the opportunity to enable intelligent solutions for the Financial Industry and make it fairer for us as consumers. I am very proud and happy to be a part of such a disruptive and innovative FinTech as Instantor”

- Jennifer, Customer Engagement Manager 



“Instantor is not just workplace, Instantor is your family. Every day at Instantor is a new opportunity to learn something new and to broaden your horizons.” 

 - Dora, Client Integration Manager