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Head of Infrastructure

  • Preferred: + 7 years within IT in different positions

  • Experience in IT operations

  • Experience from critical systems with strict security and availability requirements

  • Experience in managing people

  • Experience in multiple IT-technologies and eager to learn more

  • Experience in IT infrastructure architecting

  • Dynamic and flexible

  • Willingness to both get hands dirty with the terminal and planning for the future

  • Working experience with:

                • AWS Cloud


                • Kubernetes

                • Deployment and building tools such as Jenkins or CircleCI

                • Monitoring systems such as Prometheus and Grafana

                • Containers, dockers and lxd

                • Github

Instantor is a Swedish FinTech company founded in 2010 with Headquarters in Stockholm and development offices in Zagreb and Barcelona with great possibilities to spend longer or shorter periods at the other offices.

Our products are used 24/7 in 25 markets with high demands on availability and security and we are all passionate about delivering high-quality products to our customers. As someone put it “Working at Instantor is a lifestyle, not a job”.

Work at Instantor

Where others focus on the ones and zeros, here at Instantor – we prefer adding a more human touch. We’ve realised that behind every great business is a team of happy people; so we’ve made it our responsibility as an innovative company, with cutting-edge technology, to be sure to make that happen.

Instantor’s diverse culture is apparent in every aspect of the working environment, from social media to business development and from data science to customer support. Diversity is the magic glue that binds our company together - and the reason our dynamic is in a whole different ball game.

If you are interested in the role please contact our CTO here or call her at +46761805540.

More about Instantor

Instantor helps organisations understand their customers' true financial capacity. Instantor's solutions process transactional data from bank accounts, support financial data aggregation and improve credit risk management. Instantor empowers customers to accurately predict the possibilities of defaulting – making credit risk decisions faster, easier, and fairer for all. With Instantor’s fully digitalised solutions, financial organisations can increase acceptance, reduce risk, and streamline credit risk management. Instantor has 300+ integrated banks in over 25 markets, with 200 clients in Europe, Latin America and Asia. In March 2019, the Financial Times ranked Instantor as the second fastest growing Fintech in Sweden. Instantor is the first authorised FinTech by the Financial Swedish Authority (FSA) to operate as AISP under PSD2.

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