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How low can you go?

Empowering Credit Risk Managers Since 2010

Here at Instantor, we are on a mission to revolutionise credit risk. In our effort to do so, we’ve decided to pull out the big guns this year, to show the world just how passionate we are about it. We want to empower credit risk managers by providing them with the right tools for making fairer, faster and better-informed credit decisions. Our aim is to help eliminate the risk in credit risk management. Our question for all credit risk managers out there is: how low can you go?

After 8 years, over 300 bank integrations, being present in 25 markets and having worked with 200 clients; we think it’s fair to say that we have gathered some quite valuable experience in the industry.

On this page, you’ll find all of our initiatives – past and upcoming – that we are taking in the name of risk throughout the year: seminars, webinars, reports and educational resources – you name it. We think that by introducing people within the industry to our series, we’ll be able to provide some high-level insights about credit risk.

Do you want to join us on our mission?


24th April Helsinki
Helsinki, 24th April 
“How Digitalisation Builds Trust & Boosts Conversion”
We presented the research from our report on how trust is connected to secure, easy-to-use, digital products. 
28th Feb Cph
Copenhagen, 28th February 
“Revolutionising consumer lending: How machine learning is changing the game”
We gathered to discuss valuable insights and findings from European key players in our credit risk report.
11th Feb Stockholm
Stockholm, 11th February
“Revolutionising consumer lending: How machine learning is changing the game”
Presenting new insights from key players within consumer finance markets all over Europe. 


Digitalisation: The Key to Trust and Conversion
Digitalisation is essential to building trust with consumers and boosting conversion in risk assessment. Learn more:

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Revolutionising Consumer Lending
Is machine learning changing the game in credit risk? How can you get ahead of the game? Find out today:
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How to leverage trust and improve conversion through digitalisation
In the journey to better onboarding processes and smoother income verification, digitalisation is the key. Check out our report – How to leverage trust and improve conversion through digitalisation – where we share some of our most valuable insights on how to increase conversion rates while improving customer experience. 

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Credit Risk Management 2019 – How Do You Stack Up?
We share some groundbreaking research from key players within consumer finance markets all over Europe. How do they see ML shaping the future of the industry? How are financial organisations adapting to shifting consumer demands? And finally: How is machine learning boosting the bottom line? Find out how you stack up to the competition (and more importantly – how to stay ahead of the game).

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