World Domination Starter Kit

You have an idea. A really good idea. An idea that will change the world. An idea that will help people to change their lives.

There is one small hurdle. How do you reach them?

Imagine being given access to over 300 banks. In 25 countries. With a potential reach of half a billion people.

Now imagine being given that access for free until the end of 2018.

Introducing Instantor’s WDSK - World Domination Starter Kit

We know it can be hard taking the seed of an idea and transforming it into something tangible. At Instantor we believe in dreaming big. Why limit yourself to your city or even to your country? Why not Stockholm, Vietnam, or Brazil? But don’t stop there; we have coverage in over 25 countries.

You have the dream. Now you can turn it into a reality!

What is WDSK?

Our World Domination Starter Kit contains everything you need to bring your idea to life:

Access to our API

As a new Instantor user, you will get unlimited access to raw transactional data through our API; allowing you to tap into over 250 banks across the world.

Some ideas that Instantor’s API could be perfect for:

  • Helping people in Brazil to better manage their finances
  • Creating an app to help people find the cheapest beer in the neighbourhood
  • Helping people to save towards a dream holiday or big purchase

Who is it for?

Startups, scale ups with a mission to create the next big global Fintech; or anyone who wants to improve their onboarding or digitisation processes.

Why is Instantor doing this?

Because we care! As a scaling company we know that early on you need as many breaks as you can get. We hope that by using Instantor you’ll come to grow and love us; and we can continue to work together, long after you’re a high-flying global Unicorn.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. If you haven’t tried Instantor before, it’s free until the end of 2018.